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Austin Texas Car Insurance
Austin Texas Car Insurance

Austin, Texas is really a good place for anyone to live in the United States. More residents are drawn by the city’s affordable housing, warm weather, and thriving cultural scene. It is also the 11th safest city in the country.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, Austin had a population of 978,908 in 2019. Also, the majority of this population is car-dependent and this makes the city’s average car ownership stand at two cars per household. As a result, car insurance is an essential part of life in the city.

Auto insurance is compulsory for all drivers in the city. According to Texas laws, drivers have to show that they can cover the cost of the damages they cause on the road. Most drivers get auto liability insurance for this reason.

However, in a world where everyone is looking to cut down on costs, you will need to find the best cheap auto insurance policy in Dallas. But this can be quite tricky as you can pay thousands of dollars more or less annually depending on your insurer. So, we have made your search easier by analyzing and comparing the latest insurance rates in Dallas.

What’s The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Austin?

The average cost of auto insurance in Austin is $1,835 per year and $153 per month. Drivers in Austin pay $20 more than the Texas average ($1,815) annually. Also, the annual average cost of car insurance in Austin is $325 costlier than the national average ($1,490).

Austin Annual Average Texas Annual Average United States Annual Average
$1,835 $1,815 $1,490

Austin Car Insurance Rates By Insurer

The most affordable car insurance rates in Austin are provided by Fred Loya at an annual average of $890. Since Austin’s average annual rate is $1,835, you can save almost $1,000 annually by choosing this insurer. State Farm has the next cheapest annual average of $945.

We will like to note that State Farm has the overall lowest average annual rate of $876. However, it is only available to members of the armed forces and their immediate families.

Table: Dallas Auto Insurance Average Rates By Insurer


Average Annual Rate

Fred Loya


State Farm







Met Life










*Only retired and serving military personnel and their families are eligible.

Dallas Car Insurance Rates By Age Bracket

In Austin, Drivers in their 50s are charged the lowest insurance rates as they pay an average of $1,242 per year. Drivers in their sixties also pay an affordable average annual rate of $1,285.

Meanwhile, teenagers pay the most expensive insurance premiums in Austin. The insurers charge teenage drivers an average of $3,659 annually. This is approximately $1,800 more than what drivers in their twenties pay.

Table: Austin Car Insurance Rates By Age

Age Bracket

Average Annual Rate















Austin Minimum Coverage Car Insurance Rates

At an average of just $560 per year, State Farm offers the cheapest minimum coverage car insurance rates in Austin. This is $420 cheaper than the average annual rate of the companies we studied. Additionally, Fred Loya and Nationwide offer the second and third cheapest minimum coverage insurance at average annual rates of $641 and $896 respectively.

So if you are in search of the cheapest minimum coverage insurance coverage in Austin, you should compare quotes from these companies. However, minimum coverage policies are so cheap because they won’t protect you or your car in the event of an accident.

Table: Austin Minimum Coverage Car Insurance Premiums


Average Annual Rate

State Farm


Fred Loya










All state






*Only retired and serving military personnel and their families are eligible.

Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates in Austin

Fred Loya provides Austin drivers with full coverage insurance at an average of $1,139 per year. This is 57% cheaper than the average rate of full coverage in Austin which is $2674. So, a full coverage policy from Fred Loya can save you about $1500 annually.


However, Fred Loya is known to offer unsatisfactory customer service. So, if you are looking to combine affordability and excellent customer service, you should get a quote from State Farm. The average annual cost of State Farm’s full coverage insurance is only $150 higher than Fred Loya’s. The company provides better customer service too.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the higher cost of getting full coverage car insurance. This is because this type of coverage will give you all the protection you need. Should you cause an accident, it will provide financial protection for you, your car, the other driver, and his or her car. A full-coverage policy will also cover your car when it experiences noncollision damage. Noncollision damages include weather damage, fallen trees, and wild animals.

Table: Austin Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates


Average Annual Rate

Fred Loya


State Farm
















*Only retired and serving military personnel and their families are eligible.

Dallas Car Insurance Rates By Zip Codes and Neighborhood

Residents of Bear Creek (78737) get the lowest premiums in Austin as they pay an average of $1,716 per year. On the other hand, residents of Elana Court (78741) pay the highest insurance premium average of $1,977.

Insurance rates vary by zip code and neighborhood due to the difference in crime rate, population density, and the number of uninsured cars. So, your friend who lives only a few blocks away can pay cheaper premiums than you do. This will be because the insurers deem your friend’s location to be of lesser risk than yours.

Table: Austin Car Insurance Rates By Zip Codes and Neighborhood

Zip Codes

Neighborhood Names

Average Annual Rates


Bear Creek








Belcara Place

Round Rock

Arrowwood Drive






Corbin Lane






Cedar Park





Elana Court



Austin Car Insurance Rates By Credit Tier

Drivers with “Exceptional” credit scores pay the cheapest insurance premiums in Austin as they are charged an average of $1,170 per year. This is about sixty percent lower than what drivers with “very poor” credit scores are charged.

Since your credit levels have significant effects on insurance premiums, you should do your best to improve your credit. A move from a “very poor” credit tier to a “fair” credit level can lower your annual premium by over $1,200.

Table: Austin Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

Credit Tier

Average Annual Rate

Very Poor (300-579)


Fair (580-669)


Good (670-739)


Very Good (740-799)


Exceptional (800-850)


Auto Insurance Costs in Austin by Citation and Accident History

As a driver in Austin, a DUI citation will increase insurance rates by $806 per year. Also, your annual insurance rate will be raised by $789 if you are guilty of a reckless charge. A speeding ticket is less costly as it increases insurance costs by $121 per year.

When you maintain a clean driving record, insurers will see you as a low-risk driver. The reward for this will be affordable insurance rates.

Table: Average Austin Car Insurance Rates after a Violation or Accident


Average Annual Rate



Reckless Driving


Speeding Ticket (16 to 20 mph over speed limit)


At-fault Accident (damages < $1,000)


At-fault Accident (damages > $2,000)



The Best Car Insurance Companies In Austin

Research that was done by our team of experts showed that the best insurance companies in Austin are USAA, State Farm, and Nationwide. These companies have the best coverage, the most reliable customer service, and the fastest processing times. Therefore, you should get your quote from any of these companies if you want the very best service.

Austin Car Insurance FAQs

#1. What are the minimum liability requirements in Austin?

The Texas minimum liability requirement is called 30/60/25 coverage. What this means is that every driver must have $30,000 worth of coverage for bodily injuries per person, at least $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

#2. What does my insurance policy not cover?

Your insurance policy won’t pay for intentional damages, equipment that isn’t installed permanently, damages to cars that aren’t yours, and accidents while you are driving for business or racing.

#3. Will my insurance cover me in Mexico?

No, American auto policies are not recognized in Mexico. If you will be driving to Mexico, you will need to get Mexican auto liability insurance. You may speak to your local agent on how to purchase one.

#4. Should I add my child to my policy?

If you have young drivers, they should be added to your insurance policy. This is much cheaper than getting them a separate policy.

#5. How can I reduce my auto insurance rates?

You can lower your insurance rates by comparing quotes from several companies, maintaining a good driving record, requesting high deductibles, asking for discounts, and getting your home and car insured by a single insurer.


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